The New Greenhouse

One of my new projects for the garden was the construction of a greenhouse. Due to living on a mountain, my gardens has very limited level areas. I decided that I wanted a much smaller greenhouse than the 11 x 15 foot heated greenhouse that I once had. I needed a greenhouse for potting, starting seeds and propagation. The new greenhouse is only 6 x 8 and not heated but it will work for me.

I built the greenhouse on the ground and graveled the floor. It sits next to my storage shed and doesn't get lots of sun which is what I wanted. I can control my temperatures much better. I still want to add a potting table and additional shelving.

The greenhouse is a Palram greenhouse. It was easy to build and the instructions were easy to follow. I built it by myself over a three day period. It took around a total of 8 hours for one person to build.
It has an aluminum frame with advanced 4 mm twin polycarbonate roof that reduces solar UV by 99.9%. It came with a 5 year warranty, rain gutters and a magnetic locking door. The side walls are clear and allow for 90% light transmission. The roof does come with a vent that can be opened and closed.

When it arrive by UPS it came in two boxes. One box contained all the frame pieces, screws, nuts and bolts and the other box contained all of the polycarbonate wall and roofing materials.

I am very happy with my new greenhouse. The price was good and it serves my current needs in a greenhouse. If you decide to purchase a greenhouse, always do your homework and purchase a bigger greenhouse than what you need. This is my third greenhouse that I have purchased over 25 years. Always consider the price of electrical work, heating and cooling expenses, construction and greenhouse equipment when purchasing.

Happy Gardening!