Drip Irrigation for the Garden

Rain Bird Expansion Kit
The last two years were hard on my garden. We did not get much rain and I spent lots of time pulling garden hoses around the garden. This past winter was mild in my Zone 7 garden and a great time to install drip irrigation. It was a very easy project to do and like most things, after I installed it we started getting regular rain. It was still a good decision and I know I will still get plenty of use out of the system.

I installed a Rain Bird system. It runs from the house and down the hill winding around in two rose gardens and a perennial bed. The total system ran me about $175.00 to install and I still have extra lines and parts to install into other planting areas in the future. I purchased my system online with 250 feet of 1/2 inch tubing and two expansion kits. The expansion kits included 250 feet of 1/4 tubing, faucet adapters, tees, assorted sizes in emitters, tubing stakes, bug guards and a installation tool.

The containers comes with lots of parts for installation and repair and all organized in a nice bucket.

Rain Bird 1/4 tubing stakes with bug guards.

The main line is attached to my faucet. I could add a timer in the future.

After I ran the 1/2 inch line around in the garden, I then started adding 1/4 lines from the main line. I have not covered my lines with mulch for this year, but I will next year. I just want to be able to monitor the system for any possible leaks.

You can see in the photo the main line and the 1/4 inch line running to each rose bush.

The blue piece is an emitter that regulates the amount of water each plant will receive.

At the end of the 1/4 line is a stake that keeps the bug guard up off the ground. The bug guard is on the very tip where the water will drip out.

I really like the system and it waters a very large part of my garden. The nice part about it is that I do not waste water on parts of the ground where I do not have plants growing. The water goes where it is needed and I can save money that way.

Happy Gardening,